Big Blue Whales!

In Year 2 we have been doing an information text unit linked to our topic all about the biggest creature on Earth…the blue whale!

Using the book Big Blue Whale, by Nicola Davies, we went through a process that helped us move from great readers into great writers. 

To begin with we were given key words and phrases from the text. We read them and teamed with some prior knowledge we made predictions about the information we were going to find. This was presented in a brainstorm diagram. Finally in this predicting stage we saw the front cover of the book and that helped us to make links (all good readers do that!).

Next we moved to careful reading of the language from the text to help us to clarify key vocabulary. We made glossary booklets to record this piece of work.

Now it was time for summarising. Summarising is finding the main point. We needed to read sections of the text carefully and closely and as a team we worked together to find the main point, give it a sub-heading and present back to the class.

Then it was time for planning. All good writers make plans they can follow to show off their skills. We changed the way we planned this time and worked as a whole group to collect and share our ideas and recorded them on a giant class plan.

We carried out a lot of writing skills work during the planning and writing stages so we could get it just right. Everyone made a first draft in our English books, we then made some improvements before creating our final copy for display.

This unit of work was a great success. Everyone showed commitment and enthusiasm to learning! This hard work and determination ensured lots of progress for all!

Three times table stars!

Wow you will not believe the brilliant mathematicians we have in Year 2! They have been working so hard for their times table awards and I’m pleased to announce that we have the first group of bronze awards for the 3 times table!

A huge congratulations to you all, your hard work and determination is paying off. Keep it up!

Times Table Stars

I am so proud of Year 2 this half term, we have so many people working so hard to achieve their times table awards.

We had many bronze awards this half term but impressively there are also quite a number of silver awards too! What a super achievement!

To achieve the bronze award you must rapidly recall your target times table in order. The silver award is for those children who have achieved their bronze and have challenged themselves to recall their times table out of order!

As a class we have become very committed to achieve our times table awards and are working well as a team to support each other. This half term we have shown a lot of perseverance to never give and keep on striving to be the best we can be!

Keep it up Year 2!

Bronze winners for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables:


Silver winners for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables:

Some children even managed to achieve all 3 awards in one go!

By the Sea

Welcome to the Summer Term Year 2! We have lots of exciting learning to do this term and Summer Term marks a brand new topic…By the Sea.

Over the Easter holidays, to introduce the topic, you were set a homework project to build a lighthouse using household materials. The lighthouses are fantastic! I was blown away with how outstanding the quality of the homework is and the effort and enthusiasm you have put into them. Myself and Miss Stonehouse were so impressed that we have put them on display in the front entrance. See if you can spot yours next time you are there. 

Thank you to all the parents who supported their child in creating these masterpieces. You really have set the standard for homework this term!

Fireman Sam’s Safety Talks

Year 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from a local fire officer, Sam this month. She came to tell us all about how to be fire safe aware! 
We learned what to do if ever there was a fire at home, the importance of smoke alarms and why we should NEVER go near matches! Can anyone remember the song Sam taught us? If you can, comment below and correct answers will be rewarded.
It was very exciting because Sam brought in a firefighters special uniform they use when going in to fight a fire! Only specially trained firefighters are able to tackle a fire safely.
Take a look at how engaged and enthusiastic we were about our learning:


Text map homework

We have just begun learning a new text, The Seven Chinese Sisters, to link in with our China topic.

As we are such great readers in Year 2 we followed the text map and picked up the story well! Some parts were challenging but because we work as a team we ended our lesson successful! 

We are looking at suspense in stories and this story has ended with ellipsis so far. I wonder what is going to happen next?!

Year 2’s homework task this week is to practise the text map. Everyone has been sent home with one but just in case it’s gone walk abouts…

See if you can perform the story to your family at home!

Chinese character writing

Look at this amazing topic work we did last week! It was a real challenge at first but practise makes perfect and soon we were making progress steps.

 At first, we discovered that Chinese writing does not follow an alphabet instead words are represented by characters. In English, we read and write from left to right but in Chinese you read and write the characters from top to bottom!

We carried out a variety of jobs such as matching the word to the character, drawing Chinese characters, writing number characters and making number sentences.

Throughout the afternoon we were engaged in learning and we all showed resilience to keep on going until we reached our personal best!

To display this learning we then made some Chinese hanging decorations by choosing three Chinese characters and drawing them clearly on red circles. 

Did you know? Red is a lucky colour in China.

Geometry in Year 2

In Year 2 we have been looking at geometry and the properties of shape.

After being masters with 2D shapes we looked at how to describe 3D shapes and we came up with these questions to ask:

Is it solid? How many edges? How many faces? How many vertices?

We created a lift the flap book to describe some 3D shapes.

  We then began to look at ways to sort shapes using a Carroll diagram.

At first, we took part in a giant class Carroll diagram, sorting ourselves.


 Once we had practised we were then ready to try sorting some shapes.

 We used our knowledge and applied this to help us sort the shapes. As a challenge we then used our skills and spotted shapes that were in the wrong place…Miss Collins was trying to trick us but we are Geometry Maths Masters now and can’t be caught out!

Meerkat Mail

Year 2 have enjoyed studying Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett.

It’s a lovely story full of adventure and finding out that the grass isn’t always greener!

Firstly, we all worked as a team to create a class story map so we could learn the text. We challenged ourselves and added some key story language to the map. This is a class target at the minute to use a variety of sentence openers in story writing.

We used a key to identify different text features on the map.

Once we had learned the text, we were ready to innovate. Throughout the innovation process Year 2 showed outstanding engagement and commitment to their learning.

We created an innovated story called Meerkat Supermarket. Sunny the meerkat went on a trip around the supermarket to find the perfect place to live. Using our innovated map we then wrote the story.

It was so impressive to see Year 2 show determination and perseverance when writing their sustained story piece. The outcome was fabulous. Keep an eye out to see their terrific writing!

Measuring on a large scale!

After a busy week of learning how to measure accurately Year 2 wanted to get their heads around how big the dinosaurs really were and the classroom just wasn’t the place to do it!

First of all, we researched how long the dinosaurs were in metres, then recorded the measurements in a table. We all had to remember to record the unit of measurement used.

Photo 25-11-2016, 10 29 43.jpg

Next, we shared our ideas about the best measuring tool we could use to help us measure such long lengths in metres and we were introduced to a trundle wheel! A trundle wheel is a measuring device which when the wheel completes a full turn it measures 1 metre.

We could not wait to test out the trundle wheels and find out how long the dinosaurs were! Once we were in teams we made our way onto the yard.


During this task, we had to showcase good teamwork when measuring. One member of the team stood at the start position, one member used the trundle wheel to measure and the third member travelled alongside the measurer to ensure that they were counting the metres accurately. This task took a lot of patience.

It was amazing how long some of the dinosaurs used to be! The T-Rex was 12 metres long but the Apatosaurus measured in at a whopping 25metres! The shock of Year 2’s faces when they looked back to discover how long they were was an absolute treat!


When we got back into class we became little Maths Masters and showed off our measurement skills by working out the difference between certain dinosaurs.

Did you know? The Spinosaurus is 6 metres longer than a T-Rex!