Measuring on a large scale!

After a busy week of learning how to measure accurately Year 2 wanted to get their heads around how big the dinosaurs really were and the classroom just wasn’t the place to do it!

First of all, we researched how long the dinosaurs were in metres, then recorded the measurements in a table. We all had to remember to record the unit of measurement used.

Photo 25-11-2016, 10 29 43.jpg

Next, we shared our ideas about the best measuring tool we could use to help us measure such long lengths in metres and we were introduced to a trundle wheel! A trundle wheel is a measuring device which when the wheel completes a full turn it measures 1 metre.

We could not wait to test out the trundle wheels and find out how long the dinosaurs were! Once we were in teams we made our way onto the yard.


During this task, we had to showcase good teamwork when measuring. One member of the team stood at the start position, one member used the trundle wheel to measure and the third member travelled alongside the measurer to ensure that they were counting the metres accurately. This task took a lot of patience.

It was amazing how long some of the dinosaurs used to be! The T-Rex was 12 metres long but the Apatosaurus measured in at a whopping 25metres! The shock of Year 2’s faces when they looked back to discover how long they were was an absolute treat!


When we got back into class we became little Maths Masters and showed off our measurement skills by working out the difference between certain dinosaurs.

Did you know? The Spinosaurus is 6 metres longer than a T-Rex!



7 thoughts on “Measuring on a large scale!

  1. Wow, Apatosaurus was big! Maths outside looks like a lot of fun.
    I have a question about tortoises Y2.
    I have seen a tortoise eat but I’ve never seen one drink.
    Do toroises drink?

    Christine Wright Chair of Governors


    • Yes they do drink fresh water. Tortoises get a lot of moisture from their food but do need fresh water available.
      Did you know?
      Tortoises have a vent in their tail which they can take water in also. This happens when they take a bath!
      Hope this helps you. From Year 2.


  2. Miss Collins I love your enthusiastic class and I love that because I am the new school emotional counciller and your class has the emotion I am looking for. 😊 good job😀😸😸💖💗


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