Chinese character writing

Look at this amazing topic work we did last week! It was a real challenge at first but practise makes perfect and soon we were making progress steps.

 At first, we discovered that Chinese writing does not follow an alphabet instead words are represented by characters. In English, we read and write from left to right but in Chinese you read and write the characters from top to bottom!

We carried out a variety of jobs such as matching the word to the character, drawing Chinese characters, writing number characters and making number sentences.

Throughout the afternoon we were engaged in learning and we all showed resilience to keep on going until we reached our personal best!

To display this learning we then made some Chinese hanging decorations by choosing three Chinese characters and drawing them clearly on red circles. 

Did you know? Red is a lucky colour in China.


Geometry in Year 2

In Year 2 we have been looking at geometry and the properties of shape.

After being masters with 2D shapes we looked at how to describe 3D shapes and we came up with these questions to ask:

Is it solid? How many edges? How many faces? How many vertices?

We created a lift the flap book to describe some 3D shapes.

  We then began to look at ways to sort shapes using a Carroll diagram.

At first, we took part in a giant class Carroll diagram, sorting ourselves.


 Once we had practised we were then ready to try sorting some shapes.

 We used our knowledge and applied this to help us sort the shapes. As a challenge we then used our skills and spotted shapes that were in the wrong place…Miss Collins was trying to trick us but we are Geometry Maths Masters now and can’t be caught out!